YouTube Adverting and Why You Should

January 30, 2018 OdinSupport

All marketers should realize that when the market zigs you zag, meaning when the hype of a platform like Facebook in 2017 is huge you should pay more attention to the guys at the bottom trying to hold their weight like LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube for example. Today I want to talk to you about YouTube paid advertising. I’m just going to go over a few reasons why YouTube advertising is amazing and a few key tips to get you started.

So first off I want to start by saying YouTube is a fantastic A+ platform to run a paid advertising campaign on. Not all niches will have the same return so you really need to determine if youtube can be a valuable platform for you and your business. Once you have decided that YouTube is a place you want to be then it’s time to make a video. Your video should be captivating, compelling, unique and your offer should be as close to irresistible as possible. I believe that trying to provoke an emotional response can be key to holding peoples attention as well, such as controversial content “hint hint” or how ever you decide to tap into their emotion. Think of these things or when your ready to film:

-The first 5 seconds is extremely important. Be creative and break the ice.

-Your background or environment (make it as interesting as possible)

-The movement, motion or action taking place(such as walking someone through your place of business/people like movement)

-Props (any interesting or crazy props have proven that they can really hold peoples attention it’s a pattern interrupt) 

-Music needs to be owned or royalty free (couple great websites for royalty free music are or

-Irresistible offer (your offer has to be incomparable)

So this is amazing… Did you know that google won’t even charge you if the people don’t watch past 30 seconds of your ad? Think about how much free awareness you can generate and then think about how much more likely you are to convert the people that you do end up paying the 10 cents or whatever a click for because they are truly interested. YouTube advertisement targeting can be so finely tuned or, set up super broad and that’s  what makes it amazing. You can either decide to target people searching for or watching “marketing” related videos or you can target the viewers of the EXACT video or viewers you would like to. You can also target specific geo locations. Imagine how impacting a campaign would be for a local chiropractor to GEO target everyone within 5 miles of his or her practice specifically targeting people looking for back pain relief on google. You would have to generate the video ad like “Hey I noticed your were looking at ways to relieve upper back pain real quick I want you to try this exercise with me.. felt great right? Now imagine how good you would feel if you came in for 1 free upper back adjustment! Click on the link to get your free adjustment along with 4 more excersizes like this that you can do in the comfort of your home.” BOOM get the email and follow up to generate the lead. One you make that video you have created a constant stream of income.


A great tool to find websites within your niche is called Display Planner on Google Adwords. It also gives you search metrics and lets you know how often your criteria gets searched so you can look into that.


So a quick review:

-The first 5 seconds is everything

-Make sure it breaks the normal pattern use interesting environments, props and movement to keep the viewer captivated

-Use the right music. You can find royalty free music on and

-Your offer needs to be a good one. Make it irresistible

-Use targeting and solve your target audiences problem

Finally remember to guide your audience through the process. Don’t forget to tell them to click the link because as soon as your ad ends they are going to go onto the video they were trying to watch and they are going to forget all about you. Let them know you only have 13 seconds left to click this link to get this stuff.



I have more content coming soon on targeting and re-targeting on YouTube so dont forget to subscribe to get the emails when I roll the content out because the most important part of social media marketing is being in the right places at the right times. Until next time… KEEP HUSTLING.

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