July 5, 2017 Victor Oien

Should you use Facebook Boost Post Button?

Facebook offers powerful ways to promote your products and services. You can advertise in the local market very efficiently with Facebook promotional schemes. You can market your restaurant with the help of Facebook Boost Post button. It is possible to increase the number of visitors very quickly with the promotion of Facebook Post.


If you are using Facebook Post for promotion, you might have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars. Down the line, five years ago, there were very few options for promotion on Facebook. Now, the same social networking platform offers powerful features to leverage business quickly and efficiently.


Facebook introduced a new feature in 2012 through which you will be able to promote your content in a very efficient manner. The ‘Facebook Post’option will let you manage an advertising campaign without leaving the Facebook Page. After some years, the feature was enhanced and it is renamed as ‘Boost Post’. You can understand it as the culmination of many updates. The ‘Boost Post’ intends to promote easily so that you can spend money to reach the targeted audience without fail. Instead of applying organic reach, the marketers prefer Boost Post as they can reach the targeted audience very quickly and easily.

What is the result of Boost Post?

You might want to know the result of the Boost Post. You should figure out the Facebook Page that you would like to promote and you should click on ‘Boost Post’. You should be able to choose the audience, budget and the campaign duration in the personal ad account in the ‘page post engagement’ objective. The default settings will be selected and it is not a diligent way to make use of the Boost Post. The promotion will go in the wrong direction.

Why should you not boost posts?

Facebook has the facility to optimize your campaign based on the objective. The link clicks will be optimized when you choose ‘Website Clicks’
objective. If you choose ‘website conversions’ objective, Facebook will reach similar people who were converted through similar campaign. The Facebook Analytics will be applied to search for information.

When you select the ‘Boost Post’ option, the optimization will be done for ‘most post engagement’. The optimization will be done to get more links, comments and shares. If you are really interested in managing more links or comments, you can follow the same approach. However, there will not have control over the ad placement.


If you would like to boost ‘link post’, Facebook will optimize ‘engagement’and there will not be an improvement in ‘link clicks’.


It is very unlikely to get hundreds of thousands of Likes with an ad post.The ‘click through rate’ on the website is very small. There will be similar kind of response in the ‘event page’ and the ‘landing page’. You should focus on conversion so that the sales volume will increase. There should be a focus on results alone.

What are the targeting options?

There are three options in the Facebook ‘Boost Post’ targeting. They are listed below:

  • People who like your page (you can advertise to all your fans)
  • People who like your page and friends (to advertise to all your fans and fans’ friends)
  • People who choose through targeting (to target a specific audience)

We shall go through the details of each option.

People who like your page

Very few restaurants are successful in attracting high-quality page likes. If you fail to attract quality page likes, you will waste your time, effort and money.

People who like your page and friends

Even though you manage relevant fans, you will waste your money as most of the friends of fans will not be within the approachable distance of the restaurant. Hence, it is hard to figure out the relevant audience by Facebook.

People who choose through targeting

Even though you target audience based on specific interest, you will have very limited targeting options. It is hard to choose the user behaviors with the ‘Boost’. You should be able to focus audience based on two or more interests. The custom audience should not be excluded from page fans.


Regardless of the target option used by you, there will be wastage of money. Even though you exercise target option to the extent of 20% of your promotion, it will end up thousands of dollars on annual basis. And, you will not be able to control the placement of ads.

Addressing control on ad placement

As you boost posts, you will come across the default option, ‘Desktop News Feed and Mobile News Feed’. You will not be able to choose the location that you would like to promote. The Facebook will do optimization automatically. It was noticed that the Facebook algorithm was designed to figure out the objective in the cheapest way. If you depend on the default settings, you will make great loss. You will be able to engage fans and manage likes. However, there will not be any conversion and no sales will be posted.


The advertising option will be exercised by the Facebook automatically. If you start a campaign, the allocation of the budget will be done as per the cost of mobile news feed, desktop news feed and Facebook. The mobile feed option might be selected by the Facebook option as it is less expensive. However, it fails to achieve results as you will not get connections which can be converted into sales.


As per our experience, it is noticed that the mobile conversion rate is 2 to 3 times less than the desktop conversion rate. It is true that the website should be mobile-friendly. However, it is difficult to fill the online form on
the mobile phone. Hence, the conversion through mobile phones will be less. There should be more focus on conversion rather than likes. You can drive people from the Facebook page to the event page or landing page of your website.


It is possible to run the ‘Instagram advertising’ right from the Facebook Ad Manager. This kind of operation cannot be accomplished with the Boost Post. You should engage Instagram as an ad placement so that the engagement objective will be achieved in a very efficient manner. The right side column should be disabled so that you will get Likes on the Instagram.


If there are users who fail to figure out your ad on Facebook, they will find it on Instagram. The Boost Post cannot be used on the front of the Facebook Page unless you want to lose your money.


You should focus on creation of ads with the ads manager or power editor. The same logic can be applied to any kind of business beyond restaurant business.


Even though it will take more time to reach the audience, the objective of the campaign will be fulfilled in a very efficient manner. You will be able to reach the relevant audience and there will be absolute control on the placement of ads.


Thus, you will save hundreds of thousands of dollars by following the right approach to reach the targeted audience. You can experience great returns on the advertising campaigns.


There should be more emphasis on conversion of likes. You should reach the audience who will sign up online or take an action to reach your restaurant. The users should be able to opt-in for the email contest or they should be able to get access to the gift card. You should focus on every possible way to get best results.