Outsourcing and When You Should or Shouldn’t

December 31, 2017 OdinSupport

I feel like business owners and marketers alike want to believe that they can do every single aspect and angle of everything when that can be the truth but its definitely not always the most profitable way.

It comes down to weighing out your options. Is the cost to outsource more or less valuable than the amount of time it will take to learn and adapt the set of skills you require. Sometime doing a little research into something to get a grasp is OK when you are already a B or C player in that general area of expertise. The other times you are just going to put off finishing a project or creating the best results while trying to learn something that will take way too much time and your potential revenue will expire. When you could have hired someone and been creating a flow of revenue that you now do not have. Also I dont like to tell you that you have boundaries because I do believe this is a sort of flaw in perspective to a certain degree. I believe that you can do “most” anything you would like to do but you have to understand that there is a very real learning curve to over come which does cost time. I do hate to put limitations on peoples ability to perform but in reality there are certain genetic boundaries.

For example In my opinion video creation and editing is very overpriced as it is in demand so I decided to learn what I can for now because I don’t believe that it would be cost efficient to hire at this point of time. On the other hand I am a total expert in graphic design and I started learning PhotoShop and Illustrator when I was 13 years old but I think its more cost efficient to get a logo created for me off fiverr or other alike freelance platforms because the time is a more valuable currency than the dollar at which its priced.

If you can learn it and learn it quick.. SURE DO IT and TEST IT. Test it a few times but when you realize you cant produce the type of results you need then its time to outsource.

Then sometimes its better to outsource just at first. This is good for when you have a good knowledge base or idea on what to do but you are just unsure of how to apply. Get a feel for how they work and then try to see if you can produce the same or close to the same results.

So finally its really comes down to being extremely self aware of your cabilities and genetic make up and then is the Potential profit over a specific period of time greater or less than The cost to outsource. Do the math!

Alright guys I hope I cleared up some of your questions and left you with some value. Have a wonderful day and keep moving forward!

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me anytime via Vic@odinmktg.com

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